Artist Interview with Jess Panza

Artist Interview with Jess Panza

Who are you, and what is the art you create?

My name is Jess and I am a watercolour artist who loves to paint landscapes, galaxies and pet portraits. I also love to handletter and enjoy calligraphy.

Tell us a bit about your creativity history – has painting always been something you’ve done? 

I’ve always been creative in one way or another, whether it be playing a musical instrument, creative writing or painting. I grew up painting with acrylics on canvases as decoration for my childhood bedroom. I started painting seriously about two years ago when I decided to buy my first every set of watercolour paints from my local art store. I have never looked back!

Do you create art full time?

I am not a full time artist. I work full time but most of my weekends are spent painting. Painting is very cathartic and is a form of therapy for me. My commissions and market days are not enough to sustain a full time salary, though that would be a dream. Maybe one day I will be able to create full time, as long as I never stop enjoying the process.

How do you feel marketing yourself on instagram? Do you feel it’s a necessity for any artist – emerging or established?

I was very nervous at first. My art is very close to my heart, and it’s scary to put yourself out there. However, I’m glad I took that leap. I love connecting with fellow artists on Instagram. I think it’s necessary to find your art community and Instagram is a fantastic way of doing that. You just have to remind yourself that not everything is perfect, no artist posts every single piece that they paint. This is why I find it important to share pieces that I’m sometimes not entirely happy with because I want to break down the idea that you have to be perfect. Plus, it’s incredibly satisfying to be able to look back on your older work and see how much you’ve grown as an artist, and your followers can see that too!

You post a lot of process videos – have you found that this has increased your audience engagement? 

I think videos have increased my engagement, people love to know how they can try different techniques and videos are a great way of demonstrating that. They are also perfect for those just picking up their paintbrushes. I watched so many videos when I started painting with watercolour and I think it has helped me, so why not try and help others?

Are you selling your work? And if so, where can we find it?

I sell my work on my website and I am currently re-vamping my Etsy store. Originals and commissions are also available on my Instagram via DM. I try to attend markets as much as I can, too!

You can follow Jess on her Instagram @artbypanza and facebook pages.

She also sells her work through her Etsy store and website.


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